Mar 292010

I owe Andrew a taint post.

You’re all aware, I hope, that if it’s a part of your own body, you’re allowed to touch it in any way you want. This is a part that you can’t see unless you use a mirror, so you may have neglected it.

The perineum. It’s a smooth patch of sensitive skin between, in women, the vaginal opening and the anus or, in men, between the scrotum and the anus. You hear it referred to as the the “taint” because, like, “‘taint pussy, ‘taint ass.”

It’s VERY VERY VERY VERY SENSITIVE. Therefore early in the arousal process light touch is the way to go. Soft, gentle, preferably lubricated touch with fingertips. Later in arousal, pressure can be good, but it takes quite a high level of arousal to make intense pressure feel nice. Light touch is pretty much universally nice.

More than anything, stimulation of the perineum is a superb addition other sensations. Added to your standard masturbation routine (or to oral and manual sex on your partner), it can amplify other sensations.

Try it out. Totally good.

emily nagoski

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  1. But all the yoga kids already know about this part of the body (if they’re hip, that is) because it’s where the Mula Bandha can be found :)

    • I will never forget that Ashtanga class we went to where the teacher kept singing, “Engaaaaaaage your lower bandha!”

      One day I’ll write a thing about the relationship between the pelvic floor, the breath, and sexual response. When I teach, people kinda back away from anything about breathing because it sounds airy fairy crystal amethyst nonsense-y, but it’s COMPLETELY TRUE. Arousal is mediated by the breath. Dude, YOU should write at hing about that.

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