Oct 162010

Hey so here’s a plug:

If you live in or around Manhattan and are looking for something to do Sunday evening, why not drop by the Soho Babeland to see me talk about fellatio?

It’ll be like reading the blog, only you’ll be able to see my new tattoo that I got on Tuesday (it’s a peacock, yes in honor of Darwin and sexual selection – did I mention I’m a sex nerd?) and also I’m funnier in person. And also we can have an actual conversation.

I’ve been a giant honkin’ fan of Babeland for more than a decade and I’m, like, SUPER-STOKED to get to talk about blowjobs there. MASSIVE, right?


You should come (no pun intended). It’s gonna be awesome.

Emily Nagoski

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  1. How I get a ticket from brazil AND the visa RIGHT NOW? >< btw, I'm your fan

  2. This would be well worth your time; Emily is indeed funny in person.

  3. Saw you at a conference sponsored by my ex-romance party company. You were the highlight of the event and I had at LEAST a smile the entire time. I became a fan then and there and remember you before blogs were an Internet mainstay. I told anyone who would listen about your blowjob and handjob advice and your giant stuffed vagina. LOVED IT ALL! Can only imagine how great it would’ve been if you didn’t have restrictions in time and a 100 women all vying to ask you questions. That day I became an Emily Nerd. :)

  4. How I wish I could be there! For those of us the other side of a large pond, will there be a podcast? Pleeeaassseee!?

  5. Oh, damn … I’d love to go, but I guess, I won’t be able to make it in time, coming from Germany … ;)

    I wish you a great evening with an interested audience, being quite at the right time and giving you outrageous applause at the end of your lecture. :)

  6. I can second Julia. Germany is just too far away. But have a nice evening!

  7. Drop everything, grab lip balm, and just GO!
    Money back if not aroused and enlightened.

  8. Wish there was more notice ~_~

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