Apr 142011

I’ve been doing this blog thing a little while now.

For my 100th post and my first anniversary post, I tried to think of something Important to say. This time I just wordled my blog to let it speak for itself:

I love that it seems to read: “Women know sexual people just like sex.”

It also happens to be my birthday today – I’m 34 now – though I can’t top last year’s birthday post.

Emily Nagoski

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  1. many happy returns of the day :)

  2. Happy birthday, Emily.

    I always look forward to another post -

  3. Happy birthday Emily!!

    Keep up the good work!

  4. Happy Birthday, Emily! 34 is a hard one. You’re no longer in “your early thirties”, you’re definitely in your “mid-30s”. Marketing wise, your whole demographic is changing.

    So go have a beer or six and pretend you’re still in college for the evening. It’s therapeutic.

    • I had 4 beers, in fact, in the middle of the day, with my twin sister. Very therapeutic indeed. And now an evening with Dorothy Sayers and a long, hot bath.

  5. Happy Birthday! =D

  6. Happy Birthday, Emily. Have a great day, and a great year! xx

  7. Happy Birthday beautiful Emily. May your day be filled with happiness.

  8. Happy Birthday. You have accomplished a lot in 34 years. My philosophy is you only reach your prime at 35!! Reason: up to 35 we are still capable of doing really stupid things and wasting time with stupid people but at 35 and beyond we know what, who, and how to really enjoy life and what we are best doing. :–))

  9. From one tax day baby to another: happy birthday. Love the blog.

  10. Happy Birthday! I’m 40, and I feel like I’m just starting to have fun with life – it only gets better from where you are. Have a great year.

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