Nov 182011

In looking up something unrelated, I stumbled into this 2010 British Journal of Pharmocology article. You don’t have to read it, I’ll tell you why it’s bullshit.

It’s the first sentence in the abstract, that’s why. It reads:

Female sexual arousal consists of a number of physiological responses resulting from increased genital blood.

Aaaaaaaand, that’s why the pharmceutical industry is stupid.

See yesterday’s post for details.

Happy Friday everybody. Have a funny condom commercial:

emily nagoski

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  1. Emily, I agree. It seems the pharma industry thinks that if it can’t be fixed with a little blue-pill like drug then it can’t be fixed. I like how they acknowledge that ED drugs (sildenafil, phentolamine, etc) that increase pelvice blood flow have failed in the past, but they’re going to use a drug with a different mechanism to increase pelvic blood flow and that’s going to work?

  2. ZOMG! But did you catch the second sentence it that article?

    “Vaginal and clitoral blood flow (VBF and CBF) were monitored using laser Doppler in terminally anaesthetized New Zealand rabbits. Increases in VBF and CBF were induced by either electrical stimulation of the pelvic nerve or by i.v. infusion of VIP.”

    So… we know it’s “sexual arousal” because we can induce it, in rabbits, who’ve been given fatal doses of anesthetic! Oh, and we can tell it’s arousal with the help of Doppler laser!

    I would so not want my friends to date any of those researchers!


  3. The Argentineans always had a great sense of humor. ;-]

  4. Emily, so grateful for you shining a light down there!

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