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This morning I googled “what the hell is wrong with people in colorado missouri and minnesota?”

I got no answer.

Fortunately this is a sex blog, because there is a LOT of sex talk happening in the election. And ALL of it pisses me off.

Because I am pissed off this morning, let me just vent a little:

Dick Santorum on Prop8: “7M Californians had their rights stripped away today by activist 9th Circuit judges.” Because Californians have a right to deny other citizens equal rights under the law – but wait, doesn’t that mean it was okay for these Californians to lose their rights? Wait, what?

And on contraception: “They said to people of faith, specifically the Catholic church… you will provide the morning-after pill, which is abortion drug…” So he’s got the facts straight, at least.


Side note: This was printed on ABC NEWS and went uncorrected by them. So let me correct, on my tiny scale: Emergency contraception will not impact an intact pregnancy. Tell everyone you know. It will, however, prevent pregnancy if taken up to 5 days after unprotected sex; the sooner you take it, the more effective it is. Tell everyone you know.

(SMITH STUDENTS: You can get emergency contraception without a prescription at Health Services for $15. Tell everyone in your house, and go get some just to have, just in case you or your friends need it.)

The man is a menace. He believes that if a women gets pregnant by a rape she should “accept what god is giving you.” He believes life begins “at conception” – i.e., when sperm meets egg. 50% of all fertilized eggs never implant in the first place. 1/3 of all implanted eggs spontaneously terminate within 6 weeks. Already, we’re up to two thirds of all “lives” ended without medical intervention (“god’s will, I suppose”) within the first 2 months. A further 8% miscarry in the following 32 weeks, a total of 3 out of 4 “innocent lives.” That’s triple the rate of induced abortions in the United States.

My point? The assertion that “life begins when egg meets sperm” is not only ignorant and wrong, but disrespectful to women who suffer the grief of a lost pregnancy.

On EVERY SINGLE ISSUE related to sexuality, reproductive health, and women’s rights, this dude is so far from what research has shown to be correct and supportive of positive health outcomes, that he actually almost counterbalances the weight of evidence with the mass of his own ignorance, bigotry, and outright lies. Almost.

And he has 44 delegates in the race to be named the Republican candidate.


(I don’t need to tell any of you about Dan Savage’s redefinition of “santorum,” do I? You all know about that already, right?)

emily nagoski

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  1. I know, Emily. I know. In Texas we’re pulling our hair out because even though Rick Perry is out of the running for POTUS (thank God), it means he’s back here coming up with more fun laws like our recent foray into sonograms. All designed, of course, to give women the most “accurate information” about abortion possible so they can make an “informed choice.”

    Don’t even get me started because the whole thing gives me a headache.

  2. Emily, I totally agree that Santorum is a menace to society, but I think he is actually less scary than his opponents in the Republican race. What? you say. Santorum wears his bigotry on his sleeve, making it easy for us to combat his ridiculous claims. Gingrich and Romney, on the other hand, hide their bigotry under political accumen and have a much greater potential to harm sexual health in the long run. Personally, I would love to see Santorum get the Republican nomination because I think he has zero chance to defeat Obama in the general election. His opponents have a much better chance in the general election and that terrifies me because I believe they are just as bigoted and wrong on women’s health and sexual health.

    • I felt that way about Bush in 2000. The wackanutty weirdos have a way of galvanizing their forces and bringing out voters that moderates just can’t match.

      • I take your point. But I also think the Bush v. Gore race was more about charisma than policy and Obama does have charisma on his side.

  3. Emily, to answer your question: too many eligible voters don’t vote. If voting were compulsory, there would be many fewer right-wingers in government.

    • and those of us who choose not to vote because the only “acceptable” candidate spent the last three years throwing women under the bus every time it was politically expedient to do so would be forced to participate in our own marginalization. You do not get to blame those of us who choose to speak magnitudes with our silence for a candidates lack of support. Instead you should be holding that politician accountable for his or her actions.

      • I agree that forcing you, or anyone else, to vote a politician that abuses or ignores their rights into office i despicable. However, you do not speak magnitudes with your silence. You speak nothing at all. This silent protest does not reach the ears of policymakers, and if it did, they would ignore it – their job’s not on the line. However, you can make a difference with your vote. You can participate in primary elections to try to ensure that candidates like these never reach the general election, and ones that care about your rights do. Or you can try to get other people like you to vote. In the US, only about half the voting-age population actually votes in presidential elections – and even less in “off-year” elections. If you can make a big enough movement, it should be possible to elect a third party candidate – or at least give an actual vote of no confidence to your elected officials. But as long as you and people like you stay silent, they will just go on dong whatever the hell they please.

  4. Well, although I’m not American, I am very curious how the elections will turn out (and I’m a bit scared ….) …
    Though I study Theology and though I am a Protestant, I think and truly believe that no woman who does not want a child has to give birth to it, because every child deserves to be loved and to be wanted.

    And about the “abortion drug” … As you said, this is completely … na, I’m too polite to write this. ;)

  5. I’m from MN, so I hope you will take comfort in knowing that not all Minnesotans are ignorant and or/bigoted. Although this morning I felt oh so disappointed in my state. HOWEVER, I started to feel a little better when I read how bad the turnout was for the caucus. Just looking for a little sun.

    • That really IS a great comfort, really. (Although I know that you are not, don’t worry – think about the dumb people in Germany WE have in politics!)
      And it is also great to know (and to remind myself when I read stuff like Emily quoted) that not all Americans are evangelicals and radical and … you know. ;)

      Let’s hope everything works out!

  6. This man scares the bajeezus out of me, and you can bet I rail on to my college aged and high school aged sons about it. My husband rolls his eyes, says, your tubes are tied, what dog do you have in this fight? and I say, I have sons who I want to have the liberty of, you know, /family planning/. It is RIDICULOUS what this man wants to do and take away from us, as a SOCIETY. They all pat me on the arm and tell me to calm down, and I get that it isn’t /their/ bodies potentially being dictated, but it most certainly is their LIVES if they continue to take up with women.
    The boys I can forgive, and educate. The husband, not so much. On either.

  7. Oh, and at the dinner table about 6 months ago, my 14 year old informed his older brothers that boys AND girls can get the morning after pill and I thought of you and did a little happy dance. Hadn’t had an opportunity to mention that, thought I’d plug my awesome kid.

  8. Did you know Rick Santorum got a late 2nd trimester abortion for his wife back in 1996? He is opposed to abortion under any circumstance – even in cases of rape or to save the life of the woman. Except when his own wife’s life is at stake. Only after a long painful labor with a nonviable fetus, did Santorum agree to allow doctors to induce labor to remove the fetus.

    You can read the story here:

    If I knew a fetus was nonviable – (i.e. could not survive outside the womb and could not survive til term) – I would never put a woman through hell to try and save the child only to agree to an abortion an hour before the woman was likely to die. That’s what Rick Santorum did to Karen Santorum.

    Smells like hypocrisy to me!

  9. I apologize in advance. Commenting on the internet is as fruitful as scrawling graffiti on a park bench. This isn’t meant to be a pro-life screed, but I had a serious quibble with one of your points:

    “The assertion that “life begins when egg meets sperm” is not only ignorant and wrong, but disrespectful to women who suffer the grief of a lost pregnancy.”

    Acknowledging a miscarriage as a lost life and a lost child is not disrespectful. It respects the grief of a mother who knew and loved her baby, before he kicked or took a breath.

    The mother who miscarries doesn’t care that she can try again or that the fetus wasn’t viable. That was her baby at 16 weeks, as much as at sixteen days or sixteen months.

    Is it only life if the fetus is wanted? Is it only life if the mother carries to term? Who decides? It’s disrespectful to women and people of all genders to make “life” a subjective judgment rather than a biological fact.

    • Saying a woman has experienced the DEATH OF HER CHILD when she was only 6 weeks pregnant is way worse than saying “your pregnancy miscarried, the potential for a new life is over this time.”

      And if you want to comment again, I’ll only approve it if it’s not anonymous.

  10. Something I found helpful thinking about these things: [http://www.logicmatters.net/2011/09/abortion-again/].

    One thing you said rang faint alarm bells with me: “what research has shown to be correct and supportive of positive health outcomes”. What if the research tells you that lying about something is supportive of positive health outcomes?

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