I need help from people who play video games.

I’m working on a metaphor about women’s sexuality in general and the g-spot in particular, but I don’t actually PLAY any video games, so I can’t get specific enough to make the metaphor useful. So I’ll explain what I’m going for, and maybe one of you can fill in the details?

Many people think of the g-spot as, like, a doorbell: you press it the right way, and you get an answer. But it’s not that simple, and if you treat it as if it WERE that simple, you could even do harm – physical, emotional, or relational.

Instead, think about the g-spot as the gateway to a high-value prize in a video game, where you have to go through a series of steps to open passages and levels before you can get to that prize.

My only video game experience is with the text adventure of Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, and I’m inclined to think of successful g-spot stimulation as the Babel Fish. Anyone who has played the H2G2 text adventure knows what I mean – there is a specific series of steps you must take in order to GET the babel fish, and without each of those steps, in a pretty specific order, beginning in the first few moves of the game, you won’t be successful.

But hardly any of you have gotten the babel fish, I bet. It’s just not a very mainstream thing to do.

So I need a better, more specific metaphor. If you don’t play video games yourself, maybe you could ask friends who do?


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