An awesome question: My vagina eats condoms. What do I do? [UPDATE]

An awesome question: My vagina eats condoms. What do I do? [UPDATE]

Here’s an awesome question:   The problem is that my vagina, as my partner says, “eats condoms.” I have in fact had to take Plan B because of slippage/condom suck-offage. This is particularly a problem when I orgasm (which I do, from penetration, frequently). We often end up having sex with frequent breaks to check whether everything is still firmly where it’s meant to be and/or I have to hold off from orgasms except when one of us is firmly holding the condom on. (I consider this a less-than-ideal solution, incidentally.) I recently went off the pill as it was causing a lot of fatigue and killing my libido (not

An awesome question: how does birth control affect sexual interest?

An awesome question: how does birth control affect sexual interest?

Here’s an awesome question:   How does birth control affect libido? Can it affect how strongly one feels sexual stimulation, or prevent orgasm? Is there any way to counteract these effects?   About a third of women experience a decrease in sexual interest when they’re on the birth control Pill, and about a fifth of women experience an increase in their interest in sex. The remaining half of women experience no change (Sanders et al., “A Prospective Study;” see also Burrows, et al (PDF)). If your interest in sex goes down when you start on hormonal contraception and you’d like it to go

Why I’m in favor of Measure B

It’s World AIDS Day, so can I talk about the new regulation in California, mandating the use of condoms in the production of sexually explicit media? Yeah, I think it’s a good idea. Because I believe in evidence-based public health. I realize I might be setting myself up for a shitstorm, but ya know when you get right down to it, I’m a public health professional. I’m in favor of taxing the life out of sugar and tobacco, legalizing, localizing, and regulating marijuana, and providing food stamps people can use at farmers markets. These are all things that the evidence

that’s not delicious

This semester I’m supervising an intern who’s writing a webcomic called That’s Not Delicious about “relationships and, like, feelings.” This week’s is particularly warm-fuzzy inducing for me: I find now that I’ve never actually written a post about how the “biological clock” thing isn’t really a thing – not a biological thing, anyway- and it occurs me that I should sometime soon. I’ll get to work on that.

in which emily gets mad.

This morning I googled “what the hell is wrong with people in colorado missouri and minnesota?” I got no answer. Fortunately this is a sex blog, because there is a LOT of sex talk happening in the election. And ALL of it pisses me off. Because I am pissed off this morning, let me just vent a little: Dick Santorum on Prop8: “7M Californians had their rights stripped away today by activist 9th Circuit judges.” Because Californians have a right to deny other citizens equal rights under the law – but wait, doesn’t that mean it was okay for these

emily’s lessons about trauma, not from a book

I’ve been really fascinated to read other people’s experience with IUDs – both good and bad. It seems like there is a great deal of variability in women’s experiences and also in the approaches that different medical providers take to inserting it. Thanks everybody for commenting! I’ve spent the last week with gradually diminishing cramps; at this point it just feels like a bad period, manageable with meds. It turns out that a judicious combination of naproxen and alcohol is the most effective approach – not good in the long term, but it’ll do for the time being. The whole

adventures in birth control, or: emily has a small uterus

This morning I got an IUD. And then I spent the rest of the day in bed with a heating pad over my abdomen and an ice pack at the small of my back, doped out on ibuprophen and acetaminophen. I decided I should write a blog post about the experience, as anecdotal reference for anyone else who’s thinking about it. It happened like this: Step 0. Take 1,000mg of ibuprophen before arriving at the doctor’s office. Wear comfy, warm clothes. (I always get cold at the doctor’s.) The usual pee in a cup/ blood pressure and heartrate/naked from the