Nov 202012
that's not delicious

This semester I’m supervising an intern who’s writing a webcomic called That’s Not Delicious about “relationships and, like, feelings.” This week’s is particularly warm-fuzzy inducing for me: I find now that I’ve never actually written a post about how the “biological clock” thing isn’t really a thing – not a biological thing, anyway- and it [...]

Feb 082012

This morning I googled “what the hell is wrong with people in colorado missouri and minnesota?” I got no answer. Fortunately this is a sex blog, because there is a LOT of sex talk happening in the election. And ALL of it pisses me off. Because I am pissed off this morning, let me just [...]

May 042011

Given the escalation of the political horrors around abortion (ahem, Indiana), I’ve had abortion on the brain. People who want to make abortion illegal essentially believe that the fetus is alive, has a life, and therefore should be protected under the law as a person – protected, in this case, from murder. Which is fair [...]

Apr 222011

I mentioned once that there was something important to say about risk and perception at the individual level versus the population level. Let’s try saying it this way: Every time I put my shoes on, my dog gets excited. “No, Mr Pants, I’m just going to work. What’s the matter with you?” I say. Why [...]

Mar 302011

I am not, in the general run of things, a joiner. But the National Institute for Reproductive Health asked people to blog about emergency contraception. I think it’s important. So. There’s all kinds of political hullabaloo I could write about, a buncha mythbusting I could do, and a lot of basic, necessary education I could [...]

Mar 182011

This may well be the dumbest thing I’ve ever read in the New York Times. There’s too much specific stuff to deal with, so I’ll just skip to the end. He writes: Liberals argue, not unreasonably, that Planned Parenthood’s approach is tailored to the gritty realities of teenage sexuality. But realism can blur into cynicism, [...]

Sep 292010

Dear Heterosexual Teenage Boy, I’ve never been a teenage boy myself, yet I have a lot of sympathy for the difficulties inherent in being flooded with testosterone and not having any idea what to do with it. I can appreciate the bafflement you must experience when confronted with girls, who seem strangely alien. I’m here [...]