Jul 132012

So. In the same way that romance novels often (not always) reinforce the idea that excellent sex emerges from creative, athletic technique and large, frequent orgasms, magazine covers ubiquitously tell us that orgasm and technique are the keys to avoiding mediocrity in bed. A few examples from a Google Image search for “Cosmo Magazine”: The [...]

Feb 012012

I spent most of the day home in bed with a norovirus that’s been making the rounds. (I used to be a person who never got ANYTHING. Where did that go? How did I become the person who gets EVERYTHING?) Now I’m watching one of my favorite movies, “Keeping Mum.” Context: wife feels sexually neglected [...]

Jul 072011

You can tell I’m on vacation by all the mainstream media I’m consuming. Next up: River Monsters. It might be the sexiest show on television, and no I am not being sarcastic. My sister introduced me to it maybe a month ago, and I assured her that there was no way I’d get into it. [...]

Jun 192011

I have had a totally INTENSE past few days. On Thursday I did a talk on positive sexuality that resulted in a half dozen women in their 40s, 50s, and 60s, discussing places to find women-friendly porn and erotica. Totally great. And I gave about 15 seconds of advice about fellatio (“Don’t neglect the scrotum [...]

Apr 122011

In the comments related to my last post, Ian said: …if a woman took sex off the table up front, as you [Emily] are advocating, my interest in cultivating her as a friend usually diminished dramatically afterwards. I think that runs true of most men. If I went on a date with a woman who [...]

Feb 072011

Last year I wrote a post about orgasm differences between men and women and also more global sexual differences between men and women, and differences is something that has come up a lot in the last couple weeks, so here’s some more: Women change more across their lifespans. What they find pleasurable changes (often from [...]

Aug 142010

Here is a handjob tip that causes people’s eyes to widen and their heads to tilt thoughtfully to one side. As I’ve mentioned before, the shaft of the penis extends deep inside a man’s body. Much can be done with this fact. So why not do this: once he’s got his erection, lay him on [...]