Jul 152012

ALL THE RELATIONSHIPS ARE ENDING! Person after person is emailing me like, “My relationship of X years is ending and I’m drowning. Help.” So here’s some advice, for what it’s worth, composited from what I’ve told folks: First, let me start with a caveat: it’s not really “getting over” a break-up, it’s SURVIVING. Breaking up [...]

Aug 182011

So. I recently made fun of the advice that playing hard to get will help attract a romantic partner. And it is stupid advice. But it’s so ubiquitous, so often repeated, so habitually believed, that one can’t help wondering if there isn’t maybe SOMETHING to it. My opinion is that it’s a problem of correlation [...]

Jun 042011

I’m looking for insight from ya’ll. In my job, I’m actually what’s known in the health education biz as “a generalist,” meaning I’m all things too all people, equal parts sex educator, alcohol educator, sleep, stress, mental health, physical activity educator… everything. It’s an important job that I take very seriously and do, if I [...]

May 212011

When I was in the fifth grade, there was this kid, this boy, with coke bottle glasses and a mouth full of metal braces and a lisp and an affinity for science fiction. He was, obviously, a genius and we all knew it and we all ostracized him. In fact, the only person lower on [...]

Jan 312011
the parable of the man magnet

This is a post about dating and relationships. So I got this dog: He’s 63 pounds of 7 year old hound-retriver mix, whom I rescued from the shelter where he lived for 5 years (!!), after being taken from a home where some offensively, criminally irresponsible parents let their sociopaths-in-training teenage boys burn him with [...]

Nov 152010

I didn’t intend for my recent beta post to be about the false dichotomy between “nice guys” and “bad boys,” but lots of the comments were about that. Can I offer an opinion on the subject? Bad boys- and I’m referring here to the attractively naughty ones, not the dickheads – are confident on the [...]

Nov 092010

Oh god you guys, I have discovered that a long-time semi-crush object turns out to humorless. No sense of playfulness or the absurd. A sourpuss, if you will. I can’t explain how it became clear – it was one of those things where people were joking and teasing and playing and having fun, and then [...]

Apr 062010

What do women want, you ask? They want to know that you thought about them when they weren’t there. You do think about her when she isn’t there, right? Then this shouldn’t be too difficult for you. If you don’t… well I just have no response to that. I have a hard time getting inside [...]