Apr 102014

Hat tip to Susie Bright on Facebook for posting this New Republic article on trigger warnings. The short version of the article: “Issuing caution on the basis of potential harm or insult doesn’t help us negotiate our reactions; it makes our dealings with others more fraught.” Which shows us that the article misses the point [...]

Mar 052014

So you may have seen this article in The Atlantic, Why Is It So Hard for Women to Write About Sex? When people ask questions like this, I feel compelled to answer. There are two reasons: 1. Because women are deeply, essentially, fundamentally misinformed about the basics of how sex works, both inside their bodies [...]

Mar 032014

In the midst of my final revision, my intern sent me this article from The Nation about feminists being mean to each other on the internet, especially with regard to the intersection between gender and race. And so I need to ask for your advice, since I have seen here the most civil disagreements among [...]

Feb 182014
Please vote and share

Greetings! I am approaching a decision about the book title, and I need as many people to vote as possible, to get the highest quality sample. I’ll tell you the results in about two weeks. CLICK HERE TO VOTE And please share, especially with people who might not be “sex blog readers” but might be [...]

Feb 122014

Well I mean OF COURSE I’ll write a post about the NYT Sunday cover story about how straight couples with more gender equity have less satisfying sex lives. I’m going to skip over the things I think the article misses and gets wrong. I’m going to skip over the historical forces in the English-speaking world [...]

Feb 112014

A tiny post about a tiny article at Time, regarding the approval process for a drugs for women’s sexual desire problems. It ends with this quote: ”In the absence of an approved solution, women with HSDD today are faced with the dilemma of trying unapproved products which could pose a safety risk or living with [...]

Jan 082014

My editor has two books out this month – Unremarried Widow, by Artis Henderson and Promise Land, by Jessica Lamb-Shapiro – both memoirs (mostly). I’ve seen excerpts and interviews from both all over my Twitter feed. So much so that lately I’ve been waking up out of dreams in which I’m describing to both authors [...]