Dec 132012
I'll just say it: I think pinklovesconsent is really Victoria's Secret. [UPDATED]

So this morning I got this email submitted through the blog: Name: [removed by request] Email: [] Subject: Consent is sexy Message: Hello favorite blogger If you have to see this, if you haven’t seen it already. SO good. Enjoy! Now, NO ONE who contacts me through the blog addresses me that way. Everyone [...]

Nov 242012

Most of the time when people ask if being a sex educator means I have a better sex life, I reply, “Knowledge is power.” Being well-informed about sex makes me more relaxed, more creative, and more confident about sex. But there’s an exception. When I spend a lot of time doing sexual assault stuff – [...]

Nov 142012

Annie Sprinkle visited campus recently and, among a variety of other fun things, she led a Sidewalk Sex Clinic, during which she was unambiguously the star of the show. We fellow sex educators were giving generic advice and education, as you do, but Annie? She was doing Sex Tarot readings. And she was a HIT. [...]

Oct 192012

Yeah, I watched the debate Tuesday night, and then this happened (and subsequently got covered by Jezebel), raising awareness of rape culture dynamics at Amherst College. To be clear, I don’t work at Amherst College, but I do work with the Amherst College folks. I know they’ve been going through a review process ever since [...]

Aug 232012

That silence was the sound of me buying a house, getting married, planting a vegetable garden, having a backyard fence installed, and preparing for the start of the new semester. The silence that will follow is the sound of the semester starting. Oy, here it comes. And this little bit of noise in between the [...]

Jul 142012

(so, trigger warning, of course) I’m not a comedian – I’m too interested in precision to be funny – but I’m engaged to one. We have this adorable dynamic (which I’m sure he’ll get sick of one day and I’ll wake up with a spoon in my eye socket) where he says something funny, and [...]