Apr 022012
Gaah! One condom at a time!!

Gaah!! Gaah!! I’m reading this silly romance novel and OHMYGODYOUGUYS, the heroine, who is portrayed as an uptight control freak who learns from the hero to loosen up etc (complete with hair going from tight bun to unruly curls), INSISTS THAT THE HERO WEAR 2 CONDOMS!!! NO!!!! You must all know this and tell everyone [...]

Mar 042012

So how’s this for something to piss you off? A 16 year old on the pill goes home in hyperventilating tears because the mean girls spent the day telling her she’s a slut who’s “out to sleep with every guy in the school.” The mean girls are repeating what their moms said, and their moms [...]

Jan 312012

Trigger warning. Discussion of attitudes supportive of sexual violence. Here’s a TED talk of Melinda Gates talking about how Coke does things that human services can learn from. Coke, she tells us, uses real-time data, local entrepreneurs, and aspirational marketing. What she doesn’t mention is that Coke has a product that is chemically addictive (caffeine) [...]

Apr 222011

I mentioned once that there was something important to say about risk and perception at the individual level versus the population level. Let’s try saying it this way: Every time I put my shoes on, my dog gets excited. “No, Mr Pants, I’m just going to work. What’s the matter with you?” I say. Why [...]

Mar 182011

This may well be the dumbest thing I’ve ever read in the New York Times. There’s too much specific stuff to deal with, so I’ll just skip to the end. He writes: Liberals argue, not unreasonably, that Planned Parenthood’s approach is tailored to the gritty realities of teenage sexuality. But realism can blur into cynicism, [...]

Feb 062011

Two questions asked similar things, plus I recently had a conversation with a student about it, so it might be time to write a post about it. I think I’ve only ever met 1 lesbian who claims to regularly use protection with women. What’s your view on safe sex in lesbian relationships? and How do [...]

Nov 022010

I’m finally beginning to come up for air after the inevitable pummelling that is the first part of the fall semester, which means plowing my way through an embarrassingly large backlog of emails. Apologies to everyone I have neglected for, um, months. Anyway, one guy sent me this video, which I just love but it [...]

Oct 132010

Here’s a thing from a description of an adult sex education program: We do talk about what turns people on, not by way of giving a list of turn-ons, but we talk about the fact that different people are turned on by different things, and different parts of the body excite people differently. We let [...]