introducing… the g-spot

I said I’d write about the g-spot, so here it is! Hurrah. This is just an intro – it’s history, what it is, where it is. “G” stands for Grafenberg, the gynecologist who “discovered” the spot. In 1950 he wrote an academic article about the role of the urethra in female sexual response, particularly with regard to orgasm through penetration. It was named the g-spot by researchers Beverly Whipple and John Perry, 30 years after the original article was published. What is it? It’s your prostate… sorta. Every part that a man has, a woman has an equivalent part, a

on novelty

So I was driving home from my sister’s last night, turning over David Mitchell’s most recent column in my head. Briefly, it’s about the impenetrably derivative nature of broadcast media these days, and calls for originality, novelty rather than adaptation. Not about sex. However. I’m me. “Spoken like a man,” I thought to myself… and then I thought some more, and it turns out I’m wrong, but for totally fascinating reasons. (I think.) You see, men respond to novelty, whereas, as I’ve mentioned before, a woman is more likely to be orgasmic with a partner she’s already been with. Women’s

In praise of men

Let us turn our thoughts to the excellent men in the world. Shall we? My sister’s husband took the recycling to the grocery store today without being asked. My mom’s husband brings her flowers regularly. Why? Because he thinks of her, feels like the jammy bastard he is, and wants to give her something to say thank you. A student who graduated last year? Her boyfriend, as a surprise, flew from Germany just to spend the weekend with her . Then there was the usually reticent young gentleman who lay with me one night and said quite spontaneously, “In the

why it feels like you have to pee during intercourse

why it feels like you have to pee during intercourse

Of course I can’t just drop a big question and not answer it. So here goes, as best I can answer without using hand gestures. Imagine you’re looking at the vulva of a woman lying on her back. The vulva is laid out from north to south thusly: clitoris, urethra, vagina, perineum, anus. Under the surface of the vulva, the urethra is surrounded by the urethral sponge. It’s like… urethral insulation. Its job is to swell up around the urethra as a woman becomes sexually aroused, in order to stop her from being able to urinate while she’s turned on.

penis penis penis, vagina vagina vagina.

penis penis penis, vagina vagina vagina.

Ya’ll will have heard by now that Kotex wasn’t allowed to use the word “vagina” in an advertisement for a product designed to be inserted in a vagina in order to obstruct the flow of menstrual blood out of the vagina. Shall I join the chorus of sex educators, feminists, progressives, and shamelessly female people out there who find this hysterically – and I do mean hysterically – funny? I shall. But I won’t bore us all with the standard diatribe about body shame. We all know already, right? Instead, let me tell you a story that has given me

porn – good or bad?

For the record, because it’s come up, porn doesn’t cause violence against women. It’s true. There’s a correlation between violent porn and men who perpetrate violence against women – that is, men who are interested in violence against women are, unsuprisingly, interested in violence against women – but it’s not causal. The majority of men are not interested in violent porn, they’re just interested in images of people having sex. At the same time, let me add that the production of mainstream porn can be very bad for women, and the sexualization of the mainstream media is unambiguously bad for

beauty and The Guardian

Apparently women prefer facial masculinity as a function of national health index. Which is interesting. If you come from a rich, healthy country, you’re more likely to prefer a feminine male face, whereas if you come from a poorer, lower health-index country, you’re more likely to prefer a masculine male face. Okay. Neat. But… “When women are choosing a mate, they’re weighing up two different things. On the one hand a really attractive, high genetic quality mate will give them very healthy offspring. On the other, there is getting “investment” from a mate – one who’ll be a good dad,”

what women want (4)

And here we have edition 4 of the ongoing series on what women want. This week, women want… … not to have to worry about everything. Look, sometimes the sexiest thing you can do… is the dishes. Remember how women are more characterized by responsive desire than spontaneous desire? That is, they are less likely to think, randomly, “Hey, sex would be good right now!” and more likely to experience their partner kissin’ on ‘em and go, “Oh yeah, sex! That’s a good idea!” And remember how the sexual response system is made of both the sexual excitation system (SES)