Emily NagoskiABOUT ME: I’m a Ph.D. sex educator with 20 years’ training and experience. My mission in life is to teach women to live with confidence and joy inside their bodies. Full, “official” bio here.

ABOUT THE BLOG: I’ve been writing the blog since 2010. Back in that first post, I wrote:

I know a world of sexual utopia exists. I know what it looks like. I want to go there.

And that’s still true.

And I think we are actually a little closer. Incrementally, day by day, we take steps toward a world where we can all live with confidence and joy inside our bodies, where our sexual autonomy is respected, and where we all have free access to our own unique sexual potentials. Even just in the years since I started writing, I’ve seen a change.

These days the blog is an ongoing Q & A between me and y’all, the readers. You ask me questions about sex, I answer them, you tell me whether or not the answers were helpful.

Very often the answers take the form of sketches – like we’re at dinner and I’m drawing my answer out on a napkin. Sometimes they take the form of stories or metaphors. Because you’ve taught me that people learn much more when you tell them a story or give them a metaphor, compared to when you just report science, without any context.

We’re all learning – and we all progress, day by day, fact by fact, to a world where we can all experience sex lives filled with confidence and joy.